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1xbet review

Posted by rtbetting on Dec 12, 2019

Company Information

The Russian multinational, 1xBet, is fast growing into one of the best companies in the domestic and international markets when it comes to bookmarking. The company is rapidly penetrating foreign markets with the singular objective of expanding its market share. The company is also growing very rapidly to become a major force to reckon with on the global market in terms of profitability and influence. The worldwide reputation that the company is amassing as it breaks ground into new markets is poised to catapult it into new frontiers in bookmarking success. The various operations and strategic decision are indicative of a bright future given the potential in the bookmarking sector. The company has risen to become one of the very competitive companies in the space with its ability to give customers a wide range of services. The betting experience on the betting site is very exquisite and easy for customers.  

Accessibility of Services

There are a few hurdles associated with accessing the company’s services in different geographical locations. The company is faced with numerous challenges on the international market even though it has excellent prospects for growth. The company does not have a license to operate in most European Union countries, for instance, and people have to use alternative methods to access its site. The company strives to procure as many operating licences as it can with its operations across various countries. There are numerous mirror links, however, that re-direct one to the 1xBet site. The site will always be the same despite the many links available on the internet. Most mirror sites are created by the company to provide access opportunities for people who may not be able to access the sites because of different laws in different jurisdictions. New links are always being generated to allow for accessibility in cases where old ones have been revoked or banned by the respective jurisdictions. Some of the links that the company has created as mirrors and are operational at the moment for enhanced accessibility of its services include;

Registration Process

The registration process to 1xBet is convenient and effortless. It is essential for people to pay attention to the “REGISTER” button within the website which leads one to the registration process. The “REGISTER” button is located on the top right corner of the page and leads to the opening of a new window where one can create their registration. The registration process is easy and convenient for people with different abilities. The basic registration process requires one to enter necessary information to allow them do simple transactions on 1xBet. The sites registration process is simplistic yet comprehensive as it is able to capture all the information required to operate and interact with 1xBet’s services. It is essential for all prospective users to take a step by step approach when signing up to the service to enhance the accuracy of information in the system.  

Single Click Registration

Single click registration requires the selection of an individual’s currency and country. This is a very simple method of registration that users in different countries can use to access the sites services. The site will automatically select the euro as the currency for persons signing up or registering from European countries. It is possible for such users, however, to select another currency in case they are not comfortable with the euro being used as the default currency. Some additional data will be required when people deposit money with 1xBet. Information about currency and country is only sufficient, therefore, at the registration process. Users should be prepared to give more information after the initial registration.
Figure 1: Illustration of One Click Registration for Persons in Germany

one click registration

Registration with a Phone Number

Another method of registration is by phone number. This type of registration requires people to enter the currency in which their account will operate alongside their phone number. This type of registration requires one to click the “Register” button which is located below the details that one has to fill in. The bookmaker will then use the information that you have given them to provide log in details. The registration process with the phone number is also pretty straight forward and requires minimal effort on the part of the user. The bookmaker helps with the process and provides the necessary prompts for further action from the user. Below is an illustration of the registration fields with mobile phone users;  
Figure 2: Illustration of Mobile Phone User Registration

registration at 1xbet via a phone

Registration by Email Address

A lot more information is required from the user when they register to the site with their email addresses. The name of the user will still be requested in this case somehow. An email address registration is more comprehensive and allows a user to create a complete registration in the 1xBet system. There are various personal details that an individual is required to fill in when they register with their email address, just like in the other methods, to complete their registration. Some of the essential details in the email address registration process include country, currency, username, password, email address, and phone number. These details allow for a more comprehensive interaction with the 1xBet system and the services. Registration on the 1XBet system vial email allows for the capture of adequate information that is necessary for subsequent interactions with the customer.
The system of 1xBet allows for excellent interaction during the registration process. The 1xBet system will sometimes automatically detect the country a user is signing up from and fill in the details accordingly. The user must also enter the currency of their account which can be the currency of the country or another convenient one. They would then be required to enter a password and re-enter it for security purposes. The user will then be required to enter their username, email address and phone number. The phone number field is not mandatory, however, and users have the options of not filling it. The user must then click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process.
Figure 3: Illustration of Registration Fields for Email Sign-up

registration at 1xbet via email

Registration Via Profiles of Social Media

Another method of registration permissible by 1xBet is via social media platforms. The 1xBet system allows its users to log into their account directly from the profile of various social media platforms. Some of the most notable social media platforms that can allow a user to use their profile to log in include Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Yandex,, Odnoklassniki, and VKontakte. This method further requires the user to select a currency for their account as they register. They also have to select the social networks which provides for this type of registration and in which they have an account. The user has to choose the icon of the social media platform where they have an account they will be asked to permit 1xBet to access their account data. The registration process will commence automatically and one will receive their username and password for accessing their account. A user will then be able to access their account through the username and password they received or through their profile.
Figure 4: An Illustration of Access Through Social Media Platforms

registration thru social networks

Account Registration in Crypto Currency

Registration in crypto currency will refer a user to a new page that is designed to specifically target people who want to place bets with cryptocurrency. A user will have to enter their email address to be able to register using cryptocurrency. Such users will also need to have created a wallet that will allow them to use cryptocurrency on the site. The 1xBet system predominantly accepts Bitcoin from people who want to bet using cryptocurrency. Account registration using cryptocurrency is fast and convenient like all the other methods mentioned above. Account registration through crypto currency is more convenient for users who are inclined to the use of crypto currencies.

Summary of Registration Processes

There are various ways through which a prospective user can be registered on the 1XBet system. A customer can select any method of registration depending on convenience and the what works for them in the long run. It is evident from the above information that the 1xBet system offers multiple ways through which one can register. Some of these methods are faster and more convenient compared to others. The bookmaker will continually ask for sufficient information over time, however, regardless of the amount of information given at the registration stage. It is advisable, therefore, for the customer to ensure that they provide sufficient information on the first instance to avoid being asked for additional information later. Such information is then used to help the user to operate and interact with the system. It is essential to also follow through with provision of the required information for verification of the account. It is recommended for users to go to their profile and provide as sufficient information as possible to allow for seamless interaction with the 1xBet system.  

Verification of a 1xBet Account

It is essential for users of 1xBet to verify their accounts as they will need to complete that task before they can be able to withdraw funds. The company will require the provision of a document whose details match with those that were provided during registration. Such documents are used as proof of information provided by the user. The 1xBet company may also require more than one document to help in the verification process. The company may require users to send documents such as a copy of their passport, identification card, or receipt for transactions that they have done. A user will always have access to the option of withdrawing the funds that they have won once they have verified their accounts. Verification of an account should not be a big issue for users as most bookmakers require all accounts to be verified before funds can be withdrawn.

Offers and Bonuses from 1xBet

The company gives various offers and bonuses to its users across the world. It is possible for all customers of 1xBet to take advantage of the many offers that the company has in the form of promotions. Some of the promotions that the company has include raffles, daily offers and new player discounts. The company may not be familiar to many players in the European market but it ranks very high in the charts going by its bonuses. An overview of the companies offers and bonuses reveals why the company enjoys such high rankings on the charts.

Bonuses for New Customers for up to 130 Euro

The bonuses for new customers for up to 130 euro is significant and can be taken advantage of by new players on the 1xBet site. The company offers an offer of 100% up to 100 euro or the equivalent amount in other currencies for newly registered players for their first deposit. The offer can be even higher with about 30% bringing the total to around 130 euro if the new player uses the company’s promotion code. A new player needs to create an account on the site to take advantage of the promotion code. The customer will also have to fill in their personal details regardless of the type of registration they decide to go with. An equal amount of money of up to 100 euros will be automatically added to a user’s account as a bonus once they have made their first deposit of at least 1 euro.

Terms and Conditions

There are various terms and conditions associated with winning bonuses and offers on 1xBet. Given rules must be followed to get the most out of the bonuses from the company. The general term of the above bonus includes a requirement to roll over the bonus amount three times. A user is also required to place accumulator bets of at least three selections with their stakes. Every accumulator bet should also have odds of at least 1.40 in at least 3 selections. Every bet has to be settled for the 1xBet system to calculate the amount has been rolled over. The bookmarking company 1xbet gives special gifts when it comes to slots. The company also allows users to maximize welcome pack offers of up to €1500 + 150 Free Spins. A bonus will credit into a new user’s 1xbet account once they have deposited 10 euros. It is essential for a customer to follow all the terms and conditions of the bonuses and offers for them to withdraw any money from their accounts. Bonuses can be cancelled at any time but that would mean that the customer loses their bonus amounts alongside their winnings.
Figure 5: Bonuses for New Customers for up to 130 Euro

1xbet welcome sport bonus

Accumulator of the Day

Customers are offered several accumulators with events that have been selected from the bookmaker. There are two choices for all users. One is for live events and the second one is for events that are yet to start. One may have more than one choice for the two accumulators at some point. The events are selected by the bookmakers as earlier mentioned and not by you. The essence of bonuses of this nature is for the company to give the user 10% higher odds for the accumulator bets. The offers available for the users can be checked at the bottom of the homepage. A user can bet a certain amount of accumulator bets but they have to be logged into their account and they must have a deposit. A user will get a bonus and their odds will be increased by 10% if their accumulator wins.

Series Losing Bets Bonuses

The company will give the user a bonus if they have a series of losing bets. The amount of bonus that users get depends on the amount of stake that they paced for the series of losing bets. Users can earn from between 100 dollars to 500 dollars as bonuses for losing bets. There are also various conditions with winning bonuses for losing bets which include only a single bonus per every one account, odds should be higher than 3.00, the only bets that qualify for this kind of offer are accumulators and single bets, the least amount of betting is 2 dollars or an equivalent in another currency, bets should have been made within 30 days, users must be registered on the site and should make 20 bets following each other on different rows with all of them losing.


Customers with unsettled bets in their accounts qualify for this bonus. A user is able to view the amount available for the bonus on their betting slip. The advancement is only applicable for events that are live or those that are scheduled to happen within the next 48 hours. Additional advancements are available for customers even if they have advancements that have not been settled. The advancement amounts are computed going by the possible or expected profit for bets that remain unsettled. Customers should note, however, that funds deposited after usage of advancements cannot be used to cover advancements.

Bet Insurance of 100%

Users of the site can insure their bets partially or fully. This is a paid service and the costs of the premiums depend on the odds for the events selected by the customer. Insurance is available for varied types of events including accumulator and single bets. The bookmaker is willing to refund the insured part of the bet in the event that a bet disappoints the user. The total amount of an insurance cannot be greater than 100% even though several insurances can make for the same bet. The insurance model is an innovative practice within 1xbet because not so many companies have this type of product.

Star Jackpot Offer

The star jackpot offer is a daily offer where one of the players wins the 1xbet jackpot. The 1xbet jackpot has a different amount every day and different players have the opportunity to participate and win. A user is required to perform a task that would earn them the right to participate in the contest for the big jackpot. The amount of the jackpot and terms can be found in a special section within the site. Customers can access this information through the “JACKPOT” subcategory of the “1XBONUS” category in the main menu within the site. The user can access the conditions of the jackpot from that area of the site including comprehensive information on things that they are expected to do and those they are not expected to do. One such condition may involve a player being asked to place a bet on a given championship or game. Another condition that can be given is the market at which the bet has to be placed. The chances of success are enhanced with the number of bets that are placed for each day. The customer can then check other details such as the time remaining for the bet. Conditions for new jackpots usually appear on the page once the winner of the previous jackpot is announced at midnight. Players must then fulfil the conditions for the new jackpot to win it.

Birthday with 1XBET

A birthday with 1xbet is a personal bonus offer for a user’s birthday. It consists of a free bet that a user can take advantage of. A customer has to use a promo code that the 1xbet system will generate and send to them via a text message for them to unlock their offer. They must then enter their promo code in the ‘1xPromo’ section of the site. All customers are given this promo code on their birthday and they have the option of redeeming it before it expires. The birthday with 1xBet promo is one of the exclusive special offers that the company for their customers.


A user may receive this bonus when they make a prediction on a sports’ event. The 1XTOTO bet slip has a total of 12 events with different outcomes. A user is then supposed to choose their predictions for the outcomes and place their stakes. The customer is then eligible to receiving their bonus after placing the bet. It is essential to note that only one outcome can be selected for every event. Any bet that is placed after the initial TOT match has started is invalid. The draw for this bonus starts with the start of the first match. All outcomes predictions are considered winnings if, for any reason, any of the events is considered void.
The entire TOTO game might be considered void as well depending on the total number of void events. The number of bonus points earned depends on the total number of outcomes that have been predicted correctly. A new draw is done every day to determine the winner. The bookmaker has the right to change the offer at any given point in time without any reason or notification to the users. The company also has the right to ban given customers from benefiting from the offer if they have any reason to believe that such users have abused the betting system before. Only one account per IP address per customer is allowed per customer.

1XRACE Offer

  • The 1XRACE offer gives users free promotional codes for their bets on live events and other sports events. The conditions of the bonus offer include:
  • Users can start the race whenever they want but it will only span for 30 days. Customers can always start afresh in case they stop.
  • Customers will receive promotional codes after every five days of participation in the race
  • A race stops every time a customer misses one day. Customers can start new races at any time
  • Customers must create accumulator bets of between 2 euros to 15 euros every day in at least three events.
  • Free bets are only given within a whole day after completion of a single round
  • All promotional codes must be redeemed within 7 days after receipt

Website Review – Structure and Design

The website of 1xBet is created with very interactive media. The website is well refined and is rich in information design. A customer is able to find out how many offers the bookmaker has after spending a short period on the homepage. The website is built in such a manner that it is able to load data very fast. It also gives transparent and easy access to the key paces a customer might find useful on the site. The site also has few main menus through which the customers can navigate to any location of the site they want.
Figure 6: Illustration of the Homepage

1xbet site homepage


The sports section of 1xBet gives the customer access to various events that they can place bets on before they begin. Users are able to see matches from all major football leagues but they can change the view through the icons of different sports. They need to select the events to access all the markets that are on offer. There are so many opportunities for different events in this section. Users can place their bets on teams, various opportunities for goals during the match, different handicap options, bets on halves, number of goals, and the winner of the match. This system applies to various games including tennis, handball, basketball, and football. Users can always choose their desired market and it will populate on the betting slip. The sports section of 1xBet gives users access to various events but one has to get to the section “Daily” that was located on the left side of the website.

In-Play/ Live Betting

One of the trending types of betting is placing bets on events that are ongoing. Betting on events that are taking place is an excellent opportunity for everyone to make the most out of the situation. A user can find various events in the 1xBet bookmaker on which they can place live bets. A customer has to select the “LIVE” section for them to access the live betting section from the main menu. The top events happening at the moment will appear and the customer will be able to edit and view their selected events from there. A page with all markets for a given event will also appear once a customer has selected an event. It is possible for a customer to view the results and other statistics of an event from this section. Odds for live betting are always varying depending on the progress of an event. Markets sometimes lock meaning that a customer cannot place a bet on any of the markets. That is sometimes a temporary phenomenon and customers are sometimes able to choose a market after a given period. 
Figure 7: Illustration of Live Betting

live bettings at 1xbet


The 1xZone is the area that is located on the right side above the betting slip and is accessible to all customers. The customer can follow the events as they unfold from this area of their panel. Users can view various events including races, football, basketball and other sports. Customers can activate the area by clicking on the button 1X that is located above the team names and results section. This section is essential as it always keeps the customer updated.

Live stream

The 1xBet system also provides for the live streaming of events. This service is not available for all events, however. There is a small icon of a television that is placed at the end of the name of an event to signify events that have the live streaming option. Activation of the live streaming option can be enabled by a button that is located opposite the 1X Zone button. A user must be logged in to the 1X bet system for them to be able to watch the live stream of an event.

Cash Out option

The option to close a deal with the bookmaker is always available to all users. A customer has the option to save their stakes in delicate situations. This option functions very seamlessly within the company’s website as the amount from the closing of the bet are automatically transferred to the customer’s account immediately. The cash-out system gives a customer many opportunities and the and makes 1XBet one of the best bookmakers in the world. The only disadvantage of the 1XBet cash out option is the fact that it does not give customers a bonus like other betting companies.

Mobile Version and Applications

Customers of 1XBet can enjoy a superb user interface from their mobile applications. The 1XBet mobile app and its betting options is enjoyable and friendly to use. The company offers different mobile applications on different platforms. A user can download a mobile application for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. The mobile application for Android users only runs on versions 4.1 and above, however. The company has also developed a special browser for their 1XBet customers and it offers direct betting services.  It is recommended for customers to use apps in their betting as they are faster and more convenient. The company has also developed 1XWIN which is specifically designed for Windows operating system which allows for even more convenient usage. A customer needs a registration, however, to create and access their account through the system.
Figure 8: An Illustration of 1XBet Mobile Application
mobile portal of 1xbet

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There are different ways through which a customer can deposit and withdraw funds from the 1XBet system. The company provides for several methods that can be used to make payments but they depend on the country that a user is operating in. Funds can be deposited in the 1XBet system through various ways including MasterCard and Visa. Electronic payment services such as ecoPayz, OK Pay, bitcoin, WebMoney, Skrill and Neteller are also available for depositing funds into the system. Other services such as Paysafecard and are also available. Customers can also make bank transfers as they use their payment system. There are countless other means of depositing money into the system but they are not so popular. Almost all available methods allow for the immediate transfer of funds. The bank option has around five days for the transfer process to be effective, however. There is not taxation for each of the methods in question and the minimum amount that one can deposit through most of the channels is 1 euro. The bank transfer is the only option again because it only allows for a deposit of at least 10 euros.
Withdrawal of funds can also be done in several of the many different ways that have been mentioned above. Not all of them, however, apply to withdrawals. Withdrawing with a bank card is active and the transaction is tax free with a processing time of around 2 to 5 days. The transfer is done a little bit differently with electronic wallets some of which take about 15 minutes. Mobile wallets also have no taxes for withdrawals. Other services such as Paysafecard, ecoPayz, bitcoin, WebMoney, Neteller, and Skrill can also be used to process withdrawals. Customers can also withdraw funds from 1XBet with bank transfers but this method will have a delay of about five days for the transaction to go through. Bank transfers allow for a minimal withdrawal request of about 10 euros while the other methods allow for a minimum withdrawal amount of 2 euros. The options for deposit and withdrawal with 1XBet are endless and customers have the option of selecting the most convenient option for them. The option that a customer chooses is entirely dependent on what they prefer.

Affiliate Program

The bookmarking company 1XBet is seeking to grow and become one of the leading companies in the industry in the world. The company works with partners who can promote the brand across the world as it seeks to grow in a vast scale. Various people with sports information on their website can always apply to become partners with 1XBet. One can register to become a partner with the company and wait for bookmakers approval. Affiliate programs provide partners with promotional materials such as phots and banners that have special codes unique for them. Advertisers strive to direct as much traffic to the 1XBet system as possible. A customer gets a commission of at least 20% for every player that they refer and that percentage increase to 25% over time. Partners always get a commission when the customers that they referred to the site place a bet. Commissions for affiliates are paid each month to the 20th day and the partner selects the methods by which they want to be paid. Partners can recommend new partners to the bookmaker company in the event that their partnership grows and that also guarantees them better conditions as partners to the bookmaker.

About 1xBet

The company started operating in 2007 when it began offering betting opportunities for their customers in physical places. The company had more than 1000 physical locations where customers could place their bets on various events in sports. The company started offering online services in 2011 through its website. The company has grown exponentially and provides betting opportunities in various markets on its website. The company is estimated to have over 400,000 active online users and that statistic is expected to increase as the company expands into new markets. The company does not have a licence to operate in some countries but prospects for registration are possible. The company’s website is available in more than 40 languages and there are various mirrors that can facilitate log in. These conditions make the future very bright for the betting company as it seeks to grow its profitability even further.

Customer Service and Contacts

The company strives to provide the best possible betting opportunities and conditions as customer satisfaction is one of the primary points of focus for the company. The company also has a very good customer service centre where the enquiries of its customers are attended to. The employees of the company are adequately trained to respond to every query regarding the site or customer accounts. The response time is very short and the attendants are very professional. The customer service representatives are also very brief and clear in their responses regarding accounts. The company prioritizes the resolution of customer problems in good time. The fact that the site is available in more than 40 different languages is a demonstration that the company has enough resources to serve its customers. The company also has various other resources through which customers can contact the company including;
  • By phone – you can contact the 1XBet customer service team with any queries through a free call at: +44127 325-69-87
  • E-mail – you can also write an email to the 1XBet customer service team with any queries. The response time of questions that are raised to the customer service team may be longer than when such queries are done through the live chat. The e-mail address to which customers can write to the company include: and
  • Live Chat – the customer can also ask questions directly to the company through its live chat functionality that is active on the website of the bookmaker. Thus, raising complaints and asking questions through the live chat are likely to get very quick responses.
The company provides several other avenues and addresses where customers can write or call to get their issues resolved. Different departments have been designated to handle different questions and complaints for faster services and greater convenience to the customers. Some of these departments and contacts include; The various contact channels of the 1XBet company guarantee fast and efficient service. The company representatives are able to give fast and convenient responses regarding any questions that customers have. The company is steadfast in ensuring that all its customers receive the best service.

Conclusion and Evaluation

In conclusion, 1XBet is a relatively new company in the market and has done exceedingly well to ensure that its customers remain satisfied. The prospects of the company are promising and tremendous with offers that are very lucrative to the customers. The offers, bonuses, and operations of the company are evidence that 1XBet is one of the best bookmaking company out there. The company offers a variety of betting options in different markets. It also offers flexibility in terms of the deposits and withdrawal options available to the customers. The approach that the company has taken to interact with its customers and respond to any questions they might have is also a demonstration of how it takes customer satisfaction seriously. The company deserves a high rating as one of the best companies in the world given the various things that it has accomplished so far. The company has many offers and lucrative deals that various customers can take advantage of from time to time. The company also upholds very high standards when it comes to the type of services that it gives to its clientele. Customers are always guaranteed a superb experience when they place bets and work within the website.

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